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Edible insects are the most promising animals to be used for human consumption. This sustainable food source is healthy, tasty and can be farmed with a small footprint on our earth. Insect Europe plays an active part in the development of a whole new sector. Not only by breeding and selling several insect species but also setting goals that make this great food available for everybody.

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It started in 2009 when founder Ger van der Wal ate his first insects, from that moment on his dream was to feed the world with mealworms, crickets and other beautiful food products made from insects. From 2017 the full focus will be on the further marketing of edible insects. To make insects a legal food, some hurdles must be taken in the coming years. One of these is the Novel Food application, along with a large group of entrepreneurs, Insect Europe going to make sure we can eat insects in Europe soon.

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Insect Europe challenges food companies to apply semi-manufactured products based on insects in their production lines. This will further enhance the sustainability of the food chain. The search for like-minded partners has begun, a new era breaks, join in and make the world a little better.