What is Insect Europe?

In 2013, the name Delibugs became a brand and label in a new company called Insect Europe, Delibugs is now a leading consumer brand for edible insects in Europe. Insect Europe strives to provide the highest quality insects for food. Together with other insect farmers, Insect Europe wants to meet the growing demand for edible insects.


Insect Europe wants to play a leading role as a supplier of high quality insects for human consumption.
By controlling the complete chain, food safety is guaranteed.


There is a growing demand for animal proteins in the world, Insect Europe addresses this need by large scale farming and processing all those insects into semi-finished ingredients for the food industry.


The next years Insect Europe will focus of further growth of the quantities needed. All market segments that look for insects as a sustainable food source will be served in some way.