In Flevoland (a province in The Netherlands), a start was made since 2011 to start a new edible insect sector. More and more people are convinced that we all need to look for new and sustainable protein sources because of a rapidly growing world population. Because insects are already being used as food sources in many countries, it seemed a logical step to further investigate this.

At Insect Europe BV, there is just one goal; How do we make sure we all eat bugs?!
This starts with making good, healthy and durable products, but most of all it must be tasty!

The next few years all efforts will mainly be on scaling up. During this growth phase, we appeal to the food industry to think about the various areas of application. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with producers, processors and customers in the food sector.

Ger van der wal in actie


Als eerste bedrijf in Europa is
Insect Europe BV gecertificeerd voor de verwerking van insecten tot voedsel voor mensen.

FSSC 22000

Gecertificeerd zijn,
wat betekent dat dan?

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Insect Europe BV promotes, sells and produces edible insects. The focus is primarily on products for human consumption, this is always done according to national and international food safety rules. Requests from all over the world reach the mailboxes, for Food, Feed and Petfood we look for tailor-made application of high-quality protein. Questions or wishes? Contact: